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Who We Are:

Starlight Energy Corporation is a technology-driven oil and gas production company using innovative methods to efficiently bring stranded gas resources to market.

How We Deliver:

The Company employs established geophysical and recovery technologies to develop known gas and oil reserves, focusing on sites where gas stranded for lack of a gathering system was bypassed in prior decades. Gas is converted directly to electricity for delivery into the electric grid, while oils and liquids are delivered to market using conventional systems.

Our Future:

Starlight is developing energy conversion methods to create highly efficient site-to-grid pipeline alternatives. Combining emergent technologies with green energy initiatives and economic credits, Starlight is positioning itself as an integral component of the distributed energy grid of the future.

Our Management:

The Company’s executive management team has over 60 years combined senior executive experience in the oil and gas industry. In addition, with extensive entrepreneurial backgrounds, they have successfully built, expanded and sold multiple corporations and properties.
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